BB creams are everywhere you look these days. They snuck up on us and took over. At one stage, BB creams had taken over the make up world. Every time I have spoken about BB creams the one question that always comes up is, what does the BB stand for? It stands for Beauty or Blemish Balm. And is it as great as everyone makes them out to be? Actually, yes, some of them are pretty good. Almost every make up house has their own BB cream, and in some cases a CC cream. So how do you choose one best for your skin?

First lets start with what a BB cream actually is. In simple terms, it’s a tinted moisturiser. But with a bit more foundation that your average tinted moisturiser. As well as being a good source of hydration for your skin, BB creams also provide your skin with an SPF. Essentially, they are everything your skin needs in one. I am a huge fan of BB creams. If you find the right one, it will leave your skin looking glowing and flawless.

There are days when you just couldn’t be bothered to get up never mind even doing your make up. On these days, BB creams are life savers. A thin layer can make a huge difference. I like the Garnier one so much that I find I wear it more than I do foundation. If I know I have a long day or will be sweating or have a nice night out planned, I will wear foundation, but 98% of the time, Garnier’s BB cream is what I will be wearing. I love their BB cream while other might hate it. It’s all about personal choice. I have also heard that the Sorbet BB cream is really good, I am yet to try it, but it is on my list for the next shop.

Sometimes if your skin is breaking out or you just want to give it a rest from heavy foundation, I would definitely suggest using a BB cream. It’s important to give your skin a break from thick heavy make up. But if you’re one of those people who can’t go out without anything (I’m one of them) then this is definitely for you.

When it comes to choosing the right cream for your skin, you need to take into consideration what skin type you have. If you have oily skin, look for an oil free cream. Most brands have one. Dry skin? Look for a hydration BB cream. If your skin is sensitive make sure the cream you choose is fragrance free and is free from anything that will aggravate your skin. Is your skin dull? Then you should look for a BB cream that has an illuminating finish. This will add that glow that you need.

Like I said before, there are so many BB creams out there that it’s all about finding the one you like best. i am going to test a few more out there and will let you know what I think. Let me know which is your favourite BB cream.