Wearing the right foundation can make or break your make up look.  When it comes to finding the foundation for you it might take some time, but once you have found the one you will know. Your skin will look flawless and airbrushed like you’ve just stepped off a photo shoot. There are so many different foundations on the market that to find the right one will be a lot of trial and error. There are many factors to consider when it comes to finding your perfect match, what kind of skin do you have? Is it dry oily or combination? How much coverage do you want? Will a BB (beauty balm) be sufficient or do you want more coverage?

The main and most important thing is the colour. There is NOTHING worse than seeing women wearing the wrong colour foundation. Your foundation can take your look from fab to drag, so make sure it’s the right match. When it comes to testing colours, most think that if you swatch it on your hand and it matches, that it will also match your face. Wrong. Most of the time your hands and face are two different colours. The best place to swatch foundation is along your jaw line. Test about 3 colours, and the one that disappears completely is the one for you. For those that fake tan, it is generally a good idea to match your foundation to your neck and chest. A lot of women will also use a darker colour to make them look more tanned, but seeing that foundation ring along the jawline is not a good look to go for, that is why bronzer exists.





Next step, deciding what kind of foundation you’re going to use. Powder, cream, liquid, mousse and stick. Which will best suit your skin? Powder foundation will suit an oily skin more than it will a dry, as the oil will absorb the powder. Where as a dry skin will suit anything from cream to liquid. Mousse foundations have a nice matte finish so generally don’t require powder. Cream foundations are recommended for those wanting a heavier coverage. BB creams are great for those days when you just want a light coverage for running around. Some BB creams have enough coverage to wear instead of a heavy foundation.




Now that you have found the right foundation, it is time to decide how you are going to apply it. A lot of women use their hands, and yes for certain things, the tools we were given are great, but applying foundation is not one of them. Once your foundation is applied you want your skin to look perfect, by using your fingers you will not get the best application. My favourite brush to use is a flat kabuki brush. By buffering your foundation into your skin in small circular motions you achieve the best result. Some people prefer to use a beauty blender, or a flat foundation brush or a stippling brush. When it comes to choosing brushes it is all about personal choice. When I’m applying foundation I almost never use a flat brush, for me I find a round one gives a better result, not to mention it is a lot easier and quicker to use.





Now your canvas is ready to start the rest.





*Photos aren’t my own