Each artist has their own methods of applying make up and as far as brush choice goes, it is all about your personal preference. What I might love to use to apply foundation someone else but not. But at the end of the day, we’ll both still get the same outcome.  These are a few of my favourite brushes.


f80_1  This Sigma F80 flat kabuki brush is by far my most favourite foundation brush. Besides the fact that the bristles are so very soft. This brush buffers the foundation into your skin creating a flawless and high definition finish. I find if foundation brushes have to long a bristle it doesn’t buff the product properly, instead it just moves it around in circles. But this brush is perfect. It does everything you would expect a foundation brush to do. There is a reason everyone raves about this brush. All Sigma brushes are available at Turquoise Studio in South Africa and they deliver impressively fast.



Beauty_Blender1The Beauty Blender ( brand name that has stuck) is the big in thing at the moment. Probably because they’re great. This little egg-shaped sponge can be used to apply foundation, but I use it for concealer. Once I have applied my concealer in a triangle shape under my eyes, on my chin and forehead I blend it out by just dabbing the beauty blender until all the concealer is blended into the skin. These definitely work best when damp, so just run it under a tap and squeeze all the excess water out.


Real_Techniques_Setting_Brush_1366386902Lately I have been loving this Real Techniques setting brush. It is the perfect shape to get into small creases and has super soft bristles. it can be used for a number of things, blush, contour or bronzer but I have been using it to set the foundation around my eye area.


img-thingMost people are fanatic about the MAC 217 blending brush. But after using the Sigma E25 blending brush, I just can’t go back. After using the Sigma brush, the MAC one feels so rough and hard in comparison. I’m not saying the MAC one is bad, it’s still a solid favourite, but the Sigma one is definitely miles ahead of it.

21WCVoEt4XL._SY300_This flat definer brush from MAC is one of my new favourite brushes. It gets into those hard to reach places like right up against the lash line. It can also be used to create a stunning winged line, but I use it to create definition along the bottom lash line.


E30-3-450x450The pencil brush is such a versatile brush that I would definitely recommend investing in one. It is fantastic to go and smoke out the lines creating with the above flat definer brush, it’s perfect to add more definition to the crease and outer corner of the eye and also just right for adding highlighter on the inside corner of the eye. The Sigma E30 might be in my top 3 of brushes.


Like I said, everyone is different. Some people might hate the brushes that I consider to be the best.



*photos aren’t my own.