If you are an avid YouTube watcher and watch as many make up tutorials as I do, you will know that most if not all beauty YouTubers are raving about L’oreals’s latest craze. The Infallible foundations. There are a few products in the Infallible range, all slightly different from each other. The two that I have tried are the Infallible Stay Fresh 24hr foundation and the 24hr Matte foundation. Unfortunately there are a number of products from the range that are not available to us here in SA. It’s rather upsetting. I’m dying to get my hands on the pro-matte foundation. I have heard great things about it.















When I tried the Infallible Stay Fresh 24hr I was impressed. I have pretty dry skin so I avoid powder as much as possible. It has great coverage and lasted all day. I could easily blend my blush, highlighter and bronzer. It didn’t feel wet or tacky throughout the day. Some foundations feel like they’re just sitting on top of your skin but this sat on my skin and felt like I wasn’t wearing anything. That is what you want from a good foundation.

Then, I finally got hold of the 24hr Matte foundation. As good as the Stay Fresh one is, the matte one is even better. I love it. It does everything the other one does, but is matte and just better at everything. If you had to touch my face blindfolded you wouldn’t even think I was wearing anything. And trust me, there are times when you can tell. Some foundations sit horribly on skin and only last a couple of hours. I like to apply the foundation with a damp beauty blender. It gives a sheer yet full coverage and you can always build up if you want more coverage in some areas.

From what I have seen from these two products I’m pretty sure that the rest of the range is just as good. I see there is a mattifying primer which I have heard to be very good but I am yet to try it. There is also a range of concealers that I haven’t tried yet as they are a cream stick and I am more of a liquid concealer fan, but if it is half as good as the foundations then I will have to give it a try at some point.




Next I will try the powders and let you know how they are. All items seem to come in quite a good variation of colours so there should be something for all skin tones. I hope we get all items in the range, but if not, we do have some of the best ones.